Four-Way Stops – Learn Them!

I pulled up to a four-way stop the other day. First order of business: See who else is already stopped at the other three ways. Wait for those vehicles to go, and then proceed. Simple, right? This particular intersection had vehicles already waiting at all three other ways, so I waited for all three to go, and then started into the intersection. At that moment, a woman in a gray SUV rolled through the oncoming stop sign, proceeding against my left turn path and then gives me the one-handed, “What are you doing?!” gesture. There is no suitable counter-gesture that I know that would effectively convey the message that was going through my mind, “YOU just rolled through a four-way STOP sign, WITHOUT STOPPING, and are asking ME what I’M doing?!?” So I smiled and waved as it dawned on me that I just had the topic of my next rant.

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